Open Data

Machine-readable data, especially data generated by the work of state institutions, has caused great interest around the world because of its potential to empower citizens, change the way state institutions function and improve the provision of public services.


The importance of open data

  • The level of transparency and accountability of state institutions is increasing
  • The relationship with citizens is improving and their proactive participation in creating new and improving existing public services is enabled
  • Apart from getting information, citizens and businesses get the opportunity to create new value from data

Analytical decision making based on data

With the help of open datasets, a suitable ecosystem for innovation and data-driven decisions is created; it significantly helps organizations to replace traditional approaches to decision making.

Our mission and vision - Meet the municipalities in Serbia

Our goal is to help citizens, economy and state institutions to, by visualising data, expand knowledge about municipalities in Serbia in a simple and intuitive manner, analyse and compare important parameters related to demographic and economic development of municipalities in order to better understand problems, improve daily life, business environment and development planning.

Aside from furthering general awareness, we aspire to contribute to promoting municipalities, and to allow for them to be easily ranked and compared across different parameters.

We strive to strengthen the community of open data users and contribute to enhancing awareness of the public to the importance of open data.